Focus on what you love -- we’ll do the rest. Whether you are launching short-run test items or filling established product lines, we can help! Let Kind Manufacturing mix, fill, label, and pack your personal care, cosmetic, and pet products. Our production facility is certified to produce USDA organic products, and under FDA good manufacturing practices. We are conveniently located 30 minutes outside of NYC.

Any size. Small to huge -- not a problem. We can fill 1 oz specialty items, 275 gallon totes, and everything in between. 

Any consistency. Whether your product is dry, liquid, gel, or cream, we've got you covered. 

Launching a new product? Try our New Product Program to launch as few as 500 units. Start with a private label of our existing products, or we can mix and fill yours. 


    Kind Manufacturing is your one-stop shop for your product mixing, filling, labeling and packing.


    You have the brand. We have the product. Use our tested and ready-to-go liquid soaps and shampoos for an immediate product launch.


    Our expert designers will bring your brand to life. Give us your dream, we'll get it to market.

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Q: Can you formulate new products?

A: No, we work with your formulators once they have completed your formula. If you do not have a formula, we have worked well with the independent third-party formulators such as the following:

Desert Bloom Cosmetics Lab



T: 832.853.0135

Formulators are unrelated companies and should be contacted directly for questions on formulation. Kind Manufacturing cannot answer questions on formulation or about individual formulators.


Q: Can you mix Cosmetics Drugs, Over the Counter Drugs, or Pharmaceuticals? 

A:  No. We can mix personal care, cosmetics, and pet products. 


Q: What are your minimum order quantities (“MOQ”)?

A: For contract manufacturing, we can run mix and fill as few as 500 units per formula. We require a minimum $5,000 deposit from first-time clients and otherwise require 50% deposit per project. 


Q: Do you supply ingredients or packaging?

A: No. Our clients provide all ingredients and packaging. In the alternative, we can provide procurement services, which are billed at $100/hr. 


Q: What is your turnaround time? 

A: Production time is project-specific, but we can generally turn around mixing or packing of small projects within 2 weeks of receiving all inputs and packaging.


Q: How does organic certification work? 

A: USDA organic rules require that the owner of the brand with a USDA organic seal must itself be a certified organic handler. Kind Manufacturing is a certified organic handler and can manufacture organic products for brands that have completed the organic certification process. Your certification process must be completed before we can produce a certified organic product with your label.